Über unsere Services

PGi bietet mehrere Veranstaltungsservices an, um Ihre Kommunikations- und Zusammenarbeitsanforderungen zu erfüllen.


Operator Assisted Audio

Our veteran event managers help you host audio events for up to 15,000 participants, from anywhere in the world. When the stakes are high, you can count on PGi to deliver a best-in-class audio event experience for you and your attendees. Perfect for HR announcements, earnings calls, and more.

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PGi event managers work with you to create high-impact online events, combining our best-in-class audio with the leading webcasting technology.

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Video Managed Services

Deploying and managing video solutions has become increasingly complex. PGi’s Video Managed Services can help. With over 20 years of experience in the meeting business, PGi has the expertise to make video collaboration a reality for your organization.

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