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The Skinny on Audio Conferencing

Modern workplaces need teams to be in constant communication. By offering an easy, secure way for people to connect globally, audio conferencing can be a perfect fit for any business. As a matter of fact, a plethora of businesses already use it to improve collaboration and productivity.

Have you heard about the exciting benefits of audio conferencing? If not, you can’t afford to miss the boat – check out these answers to the most FAQ to get the skinny on business-critical audio conferencing capabilities and solutions.

What is Audio Conferencing?

Audio conferencing services allow several people to connect on a single call. For example, participants can connect by phone or VoIP. Robust solutions remove pesky physical location barriers by allowing people to connect and make audio conference calls at any time and from anyplace.

How Do Participants Connect?

Attendees may join an audio conferencing call by either:

  • Entering phone numbers and unique passcodes OR
  • Using their phone for instant access

You can also kick connectivity up a notch with audio conferencing integrations. It doesn’t hurt to consider marrying video and web conferencing in a single solution – GlobalMeet Collaboration can make it happen.

What Should You Look For in an Audio Conferencing Solution?

Audio conferencing can be a powerful tool when you have the right platform. Businesses need a reliable platform to ensure high-functioning collaboration. If you run across these following features when searching for an audio conferencing platform, you know it’s most likely very reliable.

Call Management

Effective call management means making it easy to start, schedule and join meetings. Seek out a provider that gives you access from a desktop app or mobile device. If you are in a Microsoft environment, Outlook Toolbar integration is a definite plus.

Large Participant Capacity

If you need to host conference calls for a large number of people, small participant caps can be a major bummer. If you are unaware of such limitations, you may host a call that prevents excess attendees from joining.

To avoid this embarrassing pitfall, we recommend you look for the ability to host audio conference calls for at least 100 people. You should also consider providers that allow you to upgrade your participant capacity.

Multiple Audio Options

Whether joining by browser or other mobile apps, give participants a variety of options to join your call.


Your calls may share crucial information that people shouldn’t miss. The ability to record conference calls ensures you can share recordings for convenient playback.

Superior Audio Clarity

It may sound like a no brainier, but bad audio quality during conference calls can be a major mood killer. Before you implement an audio conferencing solution, make sure you demo the sound quality.

GlobalMeet Collaboration with Dolby Audio delivers crystal clear audio quality, allowing attendees to hear clearly and communicate naturally, as if they were in the same room, regardless of location or device. Dolby audio suppresses background noise to enhance the user experience and deliver end-to-end HD audio for truly productive meetings. Dolby is the gold standard for audio communications. In short, you won’t want to settle for less.

So, are you ready for better audio, collaboration and productivity? Get your conferencing mojo back GlobalMeet Collaboration.

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