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Hi Boss- A Gigantic Plume of Volcanic Ash Is Preventing Me From Attending Your Important Meeting

We all plan as much as much as we can. But sometimes, things simply happen that are out of our control. For example, the volcanic eruption in Iceland continues to ground hundreds of flights and strand thousands of passengers. According to CNN, Why Planes Should Stay Grounded, the disruption in air travel may continue for several days or even weeks …

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Anatomy of a Successful Meeting – Part One: Planning

Every year, PGi hosts 40 million meetings. Multiply that by the average time it takes to convene, and that’s a lot of time spent in meetings! So, how do we make the best use of that time to make sure our meetings are as productive as possible? According to an article from Ad Age, the majority of meetings could be …

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More on Face To Face: Making Social Local

PGi recently sponsored several events during South by Southwest in Austin, TX, aka SXSW. PGi CMO Jackie Yeaney wrote about her experience on the Fast Company website, in the blog Making Social Local at SXSW. Notable quote from Jackie: “Truth is, even though the typical SXSW attendee loves meeting in the social space, they can’t escape the fact that humans …

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Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down: Face to Face Meetings (Say What?)

Yes, I work for a company that sells technology that allows people to skip face to face meetings. Products like web conferencing and the mundane conference call are amazing tools to help get things done. But I’ll always give a big thumbs up to face to face meetings. In the era of Twitter, Facebook updates, and email dependence, even picking …

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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Meeting Provider

The web meeting (aka web conferencing) market has continued to experience 25% plus growth over the past year despite the global recession. More and more people are turning to virtual meetings to cut costs, increase efficiency, and enhance productivity. With demand comes supply, and a flurry of new providers have appeared on the horizon. So when it’s time to choose …

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The New Meeter: One Month Later, One Month Wiser?

After a month on the job, I have almost completely adapted to working remotely. Whether I’m on campus or at home, at my desk or on my back porch, I’m just a couple clicks away from the rest of my team. I love the convenience of dialing a ten-digit number and connecting with people across the country, and as long …

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Give a Better Presentation – Try This Activity

This is my presentation tip for the day: From many presentations I’ve sat in on over the last decade, I know many of you struggle with this: LESS IS MORE I definitely struggle with this – there’s often so much good material to share that I want to 1) make sure it gets out and 2) make sure my meeting participants have …

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Poll: Meeting Sites for the Home-Based Worker

These days more and more people are working out of their homes. While it’s true that most conversations can be held using audio and web conferencing, sometimes it is necessary to meet face-to-face. But with pets, children and a sink full of dirty dishes, it isn’t always appropriate to invite someone to meet at your house. You need an alternate …

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Collaboration Not Just For Big Business

Collaboration – virtual group meetings often involving desktop sharing and video – is often thought of as a “big business” need. This perspective is rooted in the fact that enterprise projects often have more people involved, and those people are widely dispersed. A recent article – “Collaboration Increasingly Crucial to Way We Do Business” debunks that myth and hints at …

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