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How Can VRC Enhance Your Video Conferencing Practices?

Across the world, employees are skipping the traditional commute and tuning in from their screens instead. While dependent on the nature of the work, telecommuting has become a norm for many companies. In fact, a recent study found that 70 percent of professionals work remotely once a week, with more than half (53%) doing so for at least half the week.

So what can IT leaders do to ensure necessary collaboration still happens? They can create meeting areas equipped with conferencing and collaboration technologies – otherwise known as huddle rooms. Video room conferencing is a critical ingredient for a great huddle room experience. With a video room integration, remote and on-site employees can experience the face-to-face communication necessary for effective collaboration.

Specifically, VRC enables video room systems to communicate with the desktops, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices that remote employees use to join meetings.

Now let’s talk benefits:

Connecting With Telecommuters

By seamlessly connecting people in the room with those outside of the office, VRC allows for real-time collaboration between all key players. With high-quality video and audio, remote employees can still feel connected with their on-site teammates – and vice versa.

Ensuring Secure Connections

VRC enables face-to-face communication via screens, but you can still rest assured that the information exchange is as secure as in-person interactions.

Integrating With Other Collaboration Solutions

You can integrate with the standards-based video conferencing system and tools you have now, as well as ones you may introduce in the future. This also makes it easy for all attendees to join the meeting without needing to reach out to IT for connection support.

Providing Scalability

Seamless integration also means your VRC can grow with you. When your company opens new offices and creates more huddle rooms and meeting areas, you can easily integrate and activate the technology in the new spaces.

Advancing Your Huddle Rooms

Providing a high-quality experience that allows IT departments to get the most out of their video conferencing investments, VRC can give your small conference rooms a valuable upgrade.

Getting the GlobalMeet Advantage

GlobalMeet now offers VRC, a single, easy-to-use solution for your video, web and audio conferencing needs. Designed with interoperability in mind, this video room integration feature offers any-to-any collaboration while still minimizing overall IT costs. Request your free GlobalMeet trial to see how the VRC offering can enhance team meetings – no matter where each employee tunes in from.

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