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Introducing the Redesigned GlobalMeet Mobile Experience

We are excited to announce the release of our new, fully redesigned GlobalMeet iOS app. Our mission was to create a consistent and user-friendly experience across all devices. Now, you’ll get an updated look more consistent with the Desktop app along with a user experience tailored to your iOS device – iPhone or iPad.

Productivity Meets Mobility

“Work” is no longer defined by location. With an increasing mobile, dispersed workforce you are not tethered to your desk, so you need an application that removes barriers and provides the freedom to choose how you connect and collaborate.

Traditionally, stepping out of the office means rendering oneself unreachable. But with a superior mobile experience, being away from the office or your computer is a non-issue. Feel confident taking your meetings on the go and across the world with the GlobalMeet mobile app.

GlobalMeet iOS Highlights

New in-meeting user experience

The app provides a consistent user experience across multiple devices, enabling users to work their way. Seamlessly join or host a meeting on iPhone or iPad with an intuitive experience optimized based on device type.

Unmatched audio

GlobalMeet customers enjoy crystal clear Dolby audio from desktop, tablet or phone. Experience HD audio quality, offering improved voice clarity, noise suppression, and spatial audio separation for better participant engagement and fewer meeting distractions. Don’t let airport lines or downtown traffic interrupt your next meeting.

Consistency across devices

Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile and scattered across shared workspaces, home offices and work offices. For example, it’s not uncommon to join one meeting via desktop and the next via mobile. We aim to provide greater freedom in how our customers choose to connect and collaborate. Now, whether you are on an iPhone, iPad or Desktop you will receive a consistent user experience.

Work smarter

Unleash productivity with GlobalMeet’s smart collaboration tools. Instead of spending valuable time setting up and managing meetings, take advantage of the Microsoft Outlook integration. With the GlobalMeet Home and Meetings tab you get one-click access and a better way to manage your day.

Host like a pro

With the ability to record, lock, mute and dismiss guests you can be confident that even outside the relative safety of your Desktop, GlobalMeet will be there to help you have great meetings.

In today’s “on the go, always connected” world, we must keep the mobile experience in the forefront of our thinking and our designs. This update is one of many to come expressing how we are delivering on this commitment. With the GlobalMeet mobile app you have the ability to host and join meetings on any device, on the go. Visit the Apple App Store today and download the latest GlobalMeet iOS app to experience the difference for yourself. If you don’t have a GlobalMeet account, sign-up for free here.

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Business today is more global than ever. The near-universal adoption of broadband Internet and mobile computing technologies over the past decade has created a worldwide marketplace for goods and services. Business competition is no longer confined to geographic boundaries; rather, businesses compete on a level, global playing field for customers and across every stage of the supply chain. Against this …

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