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How to Use Webcasting for Virtual Marketing Events

As the world adapts to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more events are turning to virtual solutions. Although 95% of event professionals do not believe virtual events are a replacement for in-person, 93% of event professionals plan to invest in virtual event experiences this year. Furthermore, 71% of marketers expect virtual events to continue beyond 2020. People will expect a virtual component even when live events return.

As expected, the top concern surrounding virtual events is the fear of a technology failure. The last thing event professionals want is for the live stream to go down in the middle of a conference, marketing presentation, or roundtable discussion.

GlobalMeet Webcast is designed to seamlessly and securely deliver virtual events for marketers. For example, the robust webcasting tool helps marketers:

  • Promote brand awareness
  • Generate high-quality leads
  • Communicate effectively with webcast attendees
  • Add event metrics to marketing automation and customer relationship software

When launching virtual marketing events, use webcasting tools to:

Host Virtual Conferences

Although you can’t meet in person this year, your show can still go on. With webcasting, conference and trade show marketers can:

  • Pre-record and stream speakers, sessions, and educational workshops on-demand.
  • Schedule break-out video conferences, between vendors and interested attendees.
  • Stream live, interactive Q&A sessions with hosts from anywhere in the world.

Stream Virtual Product Launches

Instead of hosting a physical event for a product launch, increase your audience reach by holding it online. In addition to inviting top partners, influencers, and customers to attend, open it to the public by sharing the webcast information on social media.

Build anticipation leading up to the launch with live broadcasts, like short behind-the-scenes videos and product previews. Require guests to pre-register to avoid any unnecessary interruptions and showcase your new product to the world live.

Online Demand Generation Events

Being able to speak with a potential customer face-to-face is critical to closing the deal. But when that’s not possible, marketers must pivot.

Webcasting tools allow marketers to generate high-quality leads by streaming live or pre-recorded relevant events. Close the deal by streaming on-demand product videos, scheduling live Q&A sessions with a marketer from your company, or hosting an interactive webinar with qualified leads.

The Pivot to Virtual Events Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

With webcasting software readily available, brands no longer have to worry about incurring losses on in-person events this year. Take GlobalMeet Webcast for a test drive and discover how your company can host successful virtual marketing events.

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