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How to Create a Collaborative Marketing Environment

A successful marketing campaign is seldom a single person’s brainchild. On the contrary, effective marketing is deeply collaborative. Teams, not lone wolves, conceptualize, design and execute the most brilliant campaigns. Here are a few of the best practices to encourage great marketing collaboration.

Distinguish between ideas and individuals.

Some concepts are shot down. Others gain momentum. But voice and discuss all ideas—even bad ones. That way, the best ones can take shape and evolve.

In the ideation stage of any collaborative project, one thing is crucial: separating ideas from the individuals who voice them. As a team leader, you can do this by making it clear that any team member’s idea is simply a potential springboard and not a final product. People with good ideas should be recognized, but in the end, what matters is the bigger, better, clearer idea that’s developed by the team.

Draw lines between ideas and individuals to collaboratively improve good ideas. Simultaneously, this allows the team’s weaker ideas to fade away without shame creating a safe environment to innovate. That’s how great collaboration can happen.

Encourage team members to teach each other.

Great marketing professionals are passionate about what they do. In their spare time, they’re often reading case studies, studying advertising campaigns, and researching best practices. When they share that knowledge, it can strengthen the team enormously. During one meeting this month, why not set aside 10 minutes for a team member to give a mini-keynote? Or start a communication channel to spontaneously share ideas (#marketinginspiration).

Teaching can happen asynchronously, too. With unlimited, centrally accessible cloud storage, team members can record and share meetings, instantly making relevant information available to the whole team thus promote marketing collaboration.

Provide a robust, centralized touchpoint for the team.

Above all, collaborative teams absolutely need a single point of contact where they can reach the whole team. Group chats are not sufficient for true collaboration. Rather, the team needs a solution that keeps communications organized and legible.

GlobalMeet was designed around the experience of real-life collaborative teams. It provides instant, reliable access to messaging, phone, video conferencing and collaboration tools that empower you to make meaningful connections wherever you are. As conversations evolve, share files and information and communicate face-to-face in full featured video meetings.

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