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Recycle my phone

Maybe you’ve worn it out by making who-knows-how-many calls and sending even more emoticon-filled text messages. Or maybe you just want to upgrade to a higher-octane model. Whatever the case, you’re ready to get rid of your old cellphone, and you find yourself asking the question, “How can I recycle my phone?” Fortunately, you have plenty of options, from dropping it …

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Tech Back Your Sales Results: An IT Checklist for Online Meetings

I doubt technology is one of the things that keeps you up at night. But it’s very possible that it should be. I talk to CEOs from different companies every day, and hands down, their top two biggest complaints are: Their sale teams aren’t meeting their targets. Their cost per sale is too high. Sound familiar? Ever since the down …

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Smartphone Etiquette for the Workplace

We were all sitting around a table in our Executive Vice President’s office when a brilliant idea was shared. Immediately hands flew to their iPhones, and fingers began typing documents and emails. No one wanted to wait till we were back in our cubicles and in front of our laptops to log the idea; we had our easiest tool for …

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#shift: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

This article was written by Kunal Merchant, co-founder of social media acquisition and analytics agency Etiquette Creative. Last year I was asked to participate in an “un-conference” called #shift by my friend, Joey Rubin. I’ve known Joey for a few years while working in nightlife, producing events, and DJ-ing in New York City. At the time, I was working as …

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Integration to Expand Your Collaboration: iMeet and Evernote

iMeet Evernote

Everything around us is becoming increasingly integrated every day in a variety of forms and fashions, with technology often at the forefront. Integration spawns from constructive collaboration, it takes cooperation and the pay-off tends to simplify life. Occasionally, we see great standalone products, but find ourselves wishing they could work in conjunction with each other and synergistically create something exceptional. …

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Digital Media Revolution: Implications in Education

I used to think I was a cool kid. I had a pager, an old Compaq PC and a six-disc CD player. This past weekend, I recounted my teenage tech stories to a shocked 10-year-old audience: “You didn’t even have Angry Birds?” And now, when I walk into my own children’s elementary school, there are no chalkboards, word processors or …

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Steve Stoute attends #ShiftNYC

One of the most exciting events during #ShiftNYC was Steve Stoute’s conversations around social media, cultural impact and importance, and the influence of hip-hop culture on overall mainstream values and corporate brands. After speaking with the standing room only crowd, Stout signed copies of his new book, “The Tanning of America: How Hip-Hop Created a Culture That Rewrote the Rules of …

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How do Brands Stand out From the Noise?

Traditional marketing practices just don’t cut it anymore. Participating in Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and a host of alternative mass communications platforms have become standard practice for businesses in today’s digital age. Certainly, marketers have had to evolve their strategies and messages to create compelling brands that last and resonate with customers, but with the advent of social media and more …

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Every day green: Nine easy choices businesses can make to help the environment today

Is your business confused about how it can “go green”? Initiating an environmental response to the green imperative—whether through a formal RFP or by informal employee practices in the workplace—can be challenging. However, by making small choices and building upon them daily, businesses can establish goals that promote a greener future. Planet wellness is understandably a complex issue, but your …

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Creating Business Efficiency with Green Practices

If you find yourself wanting to go “green” within your organization but ask if it costs more money than it saves, you aren’t alone. Many companies struggle with the practical implementation of environmentally conscious choices, even when the desire exists. To spend, we must defend, as my own mentors wisely guide me. When companies can tie increased efficiency to business …

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Carbon Footprint Series Part 2: Impact on Flying

As business develops its reach globally, air travel has increasingly become a necessity rather than a luxury. And yet, climate-change activists around the world are paradoxically reaching out, encouraging consumers around the world to reduce their carbon footprint caused by commercial aviation and find alternative solutions. Air travel contributes to approximately two to three percent of global carbon emissions, but …

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Online Meeting Etiquette at 30,000 Feet

The other day, I flew on my first Delta flight where Wi-Fi was offered. After just a few clicks I was online, right in seat 35C. Within moments I was checking Facebook and sending IMs to my friends. As more airlines enter the era of sky-high Wi-Fi, I began wondering what this might mean for our customers. Beyond checking e-mail …

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