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How to Recover and Regroup After a Soul-Sucking Meeting

You probably know what it’s like to have a meeting that makes you feel worse after it’s over, as though you’ve accomplished less for attending than if there had been no meeting at all. You aren’t clear on your next steps, attendees are frustrated, communications were cloudy, tense, or worse, or maybe even some of the primary stakeholders weren’t even …

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Web Therapy: It’s for Real… on Showtime

More proof that video conferencing is everywhere: Web Therapy on Showtime. Lisa Kudrow, of Friends‘ fame, stars as a passive aggressive therapist who can’t bear to meet with her clients in person. Instead she performs her shrink duties via video chat. The show is hilarious. The characters are slightly bent. And the use of video for therapy isn’t that far …

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iMeet Hanging at the ‘Most Creative People in Business’ Event

Some of the PGi and iMeet team were fortunate enough to be present at Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business event which was – frankly – amazing and inspiring. And fodder for this blog. Here is my recap: You should be following @baratunde. Follow him now. He is funny. And serious. And seriously funny. And he used the …

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Reasons to work from anywhere: Because I am pregnant

The light ahead is fast approaching. I am in my last two months of my first pregnancy and let’s just say I have learned A LOT on the way. In the beginning, most of the other moms I talked to went on and on about how wonderful it feels to be pregnant. The reality is that it is not all …

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Give a Better Presentation – Try This Activity

This is my presentation tip for the day: From many presentations I’ve sat in on over the last decade, I know many of you struggle with this: LESS IS MORE I definitely struggle with this – there’s often so much good material to share that I want to 1) make sure it gets out and 2) make sure my meeting participants have …

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My 2010 Meeting Resolutions

I was thinking the other day that every year my resolutions always revolve around the same theme: be more active, spend more time with family and friends, hone a particular skill (last year was painting walls without blue tape – much harder than you think!).This year, I have a professional resolution: I will hone my meetings skills. Here are three …

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