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What Type of Collaborator are You?

Think back to college, sitting in class and being assigned a group project. If you’re like me, you probably just had feelings of frustration and angst rushing back thinking about those awful assignments. But, there’s a point in me bringing up the most dreaded work during your college career, so stay with me! Each person you worked with had a …

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Quiz: What’s Your Virtual Collaboration Style?

No doubt about it, collaboration (much of it virtual) is the way of getting things done in the modern workplace. In fact, it pretty much “takes a village” to finish any kind of sizable project. And, every village (aka your workplace), has its cast of collaboration characters, from the big cheese to the minutiae manager. But which collaboration character are you?  …

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Personality Quiz: Which of the Avengers Are You at Work?

Avengers Assemble—it’s a personality quiz! The Avengers have stood the test of time—and overcome insane odds year after year, villain after villain—because the epic superhero team is made up of a dynamic cast of characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. So when it comes to your work team, which Avenger are you? Take our personality quiz to find …

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