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What is the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch?

A swirling sea of plastic bags, bottles and other debris is growing in the North Pacific, and now another one has been found in the Atlantic. But how did they get there? And is there anything we can do to clean them up? Not all garbage ends up at the dump. A river, sewer or beach can’t catch everything the …

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Computer recycling

When you want to properly dispose of your own computer, how do you find a recycler that will make sure the discarded electronics don’t harm environmental and human health? The computer you’re using at this very moment most likely contains toxic substances like lead, cadmium and mercury, which – when you inevitably need to upgrade to a new model — …

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Green Finances: Help the planet and your checkbook

Consumers continually seek faster and easier ways to get things done. Green banking—that is, paperless online banking—is an eco-friendly way to help reduce your carbon footprint. Not only is paperless banking a contributing factor in our planet’s overall wellness, it also provides a more efficient and organized way to handle your finances. Here are a few ways that green banking …

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Gradual Green: Easy green tips for your office

As Kermit the Frog tells us, “it’s not easy being green,” but even small steps—both as individuals and as businesses—can improve not only the environment, but also office efficiency. Conscious awareness is the key to gradually greening your world and instilling healthier sustainable practices. Start recycling If you aren’t recycling already, start. Begin with the most common materials: paper, cans …

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