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10 Rules of Social Sales

10 Rules of Social Sales Cover

Blazing a trail, forging a new path and breaking ground on new ways to sell on social media all sounds very exciting, but don’t you wish you had some wisdom and guidelines to help you take the first steps? Now you do. Here’s what the speakers of PGi’s recent webinar, Join the Sales Revolution!, said are the new rules of …

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Webinar Recap: Join the Social Sales Revolution

Last week experts from LinkedIn, Oracle Social Cloud, Central Desktop, Skyword and PGi revealed their best tips on social selling in the webinar, Join the Sales Revolution. Social selling has become more than just a buzzword—it’s become a strategy that brings marketing and sales professionals together to create and nurture more authentic relationships with customers and prospects. The esteemed panel …

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3 Critical Things You Need to Succeed in Social Sales

social sales plan

The cold call is dead, content now has a significant impact on buying decisions and video fosters trust in the sales cycle. This is the new era of social sales. However, despite the tremendous value of thought leadership and online buyer education, social sales isn’t simply a matter of creating a Twitter profile and posting updates to LinkedIn. To ensure …

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Webinar: Join the Sales Revolution!

Social Sales Webinar

Register now for PGi’s “Join the Sales Revolution!” webcast on Wednesday, June 10, at 1 p.m. EDT. Social sales, CRM, thought leadership, collaboration: these are more than just buzzwords for today’s sales professionals. They’re all part of the social sales revolution. PGi’s brand new eBook on social selling, “Join the Social Sales Revolution: Your Guide to the New Way to …

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10 Sales Quotes to Light a Fire Under Your Team

10 Sales Quotes to Light a Fire Under Your Team

Sales has evolved, and it’s time to stop telling your team to “Always Be Closing.” If you want your team to close the digital buyer, it’s time you start telling them to “Always Be Connected” in the era of social sales. Here are 10 more sales quotes to rally your troops to blaze the trail in social sales. 10 Social Sales …

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5 Links to Get Started With Social Sales

social sales

Ready to embrace social selling but not sure where to start? Leave traditional sales strategies behind for social sales with five of PGi’s top blog posts. 5 Blog Posts to Get Started With Social Sales Tweet Me, +1 Me, I Want to Buy! 6 Tips for Social Selling: Now that you’re following customers to their stomping grounds on social media, …

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What Most Sales Leaders Aren’t Doing to Drive Social Selling

social selling footsteps

The social selling revolution is paramount to staying competitive when it comes to engaging today’s buyers, but let’s face it, change doesn’t come easy. So what does a sales leader say about implementing social selling across the organization? That’s what Amar Sheth, Principal at Sales for Life, set out to discover in a recent interview with Mario Martinez Jr., Regional Vice …

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From Evolution to Revolution: The Journey of Modern Sales

You’ve come a long way, seller. First, you shed your primitive sales strategies to adapt and survive the shifting social sales landscape. Now, you’re leading an all-out revolt against traditional sales mindsets. There’s nothing easy about change. However, sales teams like yours have an unprecedented opportunity to be among the first to be called thought leaders by customers and innovators …

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Free eBook: Join the Social Sales Revolution

Social Sales eBook

Sales teams are always looking for a competitive edge. Whether it’s a new tool, tactic or process, the goal in sales is always to engage more prospects, close more deals more quickly and drive more revenue. And no tactic has captured the sales world’s attention quite like social sales, where sales professionals are using social solutions to create a more …

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How to Write a Perfect Tweet | 5-Minute Webinar by BrandGlue

Did you know that 75 percent of buying decisions are influenced by social media? This new reality for sales, marketing, advertising, business development, executives and even HR recruiters has many of you scrambling to figure out how to build your reputation and network on the top social media sites. But how do you know which messages to post that will …

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Tweet Me, +1 Me, I Want to Buy! 6 Tips for Social Selling

social selling tips

If you’re not selling socially, the odds are you’re not selling at all—or won’t be soon. A Forrester Research study confirmed that 82 percent of consumers use the Internet to research products or services online before they buy. For B2B sales reps, however, selling online is a bit of a quandary. The same Forrester report says that less than 1 percent …

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3 Ways to Get Social, Get Sticky and Get More Sales

sticky social sales

Have you ever been in a content strategy meeting where someone says something like, “Well, we sell B2B, and businesses don’t watch video online”? Social media expert Neal Schaffer has. In “Video for Social Media in B2B Sales,” he writes: The truth is that the strategy for B2B video is very similar as the process for B2C video. You need …

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