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Top 5 Slideshare Presentations for Telework Week 2014 | Telecommuting and Flexible Work

It’s the second day of Telework Week 2014, and we couldn’t be more excited about all the goodness coming from businesses and employees everywhere. If you’re a telecommuter wanting to be more productive, a manager of a remote team or just dipping your toe into the telework waters, here are 5 Slideshare presentations that will help you learn more about …

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On the Fourth Day of Telework, My Jetta Gave to Me a Break from the Traffic Crazy

Today marks the fourth day of PGi’s telework series, and if you’re like me, winter’s bad weather traffic is stressing you out—and it’s only December.  The answer to saving the stress (and keeping money in your wallet) is to skip the commute and opt for flexible work and/or telework. To make a business case for telecommuting at your company, download …

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Top 7 Must-Haves for the Mobile Worker

The number of mobile and remote workers is increasing every day, though quantifying exactly how many people work from home is impossible. Are you officially a teleworker if you work from home occasionally—say, once a week—or must you commit to a daily practice? According to the Telework Research Network, 40% of U.S. employees (approximately 50 million) hold jobs that that …

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Easy Green Resolutions for Your Business in 2012

Having suffered through the historical drought that scorched Texas this past summer and being befuddled by a winter that seems more like spring, many of us are embracing terms like “climate change,” “climate weirdness” and “global warming” to describe the unprecedented shifts in our planet’s weather patterns. Although we may struggle to articulate our concerns, not always knowing the precise scientific …

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Working longer hours now that you’re working from home?

I believe in telecommuting. I love the freedom, the space, the solitude and the comfort of working from home—and I certainly don’t miss the commute. I especially value that I am saving twenty pounds of carbon emissions a day by not driving to work. There are diverse advantages to working from home, not the least of which is repurposing the …

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#ShiftNYC continues with New Work Life ideas

As the #ShiftNYC conference progressed through the end of the week, the energy, themes, and connections of each event built upon the next. Attendees regularly approached the PGi and SocialPeopleTV hosts throughout the day, remarking on the positive vibe of the room as well as the candid and constructive dialogue that highlighted the sessions. The following overview of the New …

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Sales Tax as the New Tithe

For the past 3 days, I’ve been teleworking from my hometown of El Paso, Texas. Being around my family — the people who have taught me most of my spiritual and moral values (e.g., treat others as you would want to be treated, be responsible and volunteer as much as you can) —  I am always taught something new. Though …

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How teleworking is transforming

Telecommuting, which has been around since the 1970s, has become an increasingly popular work practice. However, forty years of technological advancements, worldwide interconnectivity, and sky-rocketing adoption rates has transformed what it means to “work from home” in the new millennium. Today’s generation of workers, recognizing that the flexibility and productivity associated with working offsite extends beyond the home office, are …

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Carbon Footprint Series Part 3: Telecommuting

People have begun to see the impact telecommuting can make on our overall carbon footprint and are realizing that working from home can help the planet. Because telecommuting reduces carbon fuel consumption, air pollution and traffic congestion by decreasing the number of cars on the road, environmentalists strongly recommend this simple, effective solution. According to a survey commissioned by the …

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