Interview and Training Software for Human Resources

It’s no secret that recruiters often rely on non-verbal cues to get a better understanding of job candidates. With online video interviews, HR professionals can get the face-to-face experience they need to make smarter hiring decisions and improve the talent acquisition process. Even training and onboarding new remote hires is simple with PGi’s virtual training software.

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Meet Face to Face with GlobalMeet Interview Software

Everyone sounds the same over speakerphone. Recruiters rely on non-verbal cues to get a complete picture of a candidate. PGi solutions let you meet candidates face to face in HD video so you can go beyond just the voice.

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Reduce Your Travel Budget

Flying candidates in for interviews is expensive. Using PGi’s HR interviewing software, you can do a thorough screening before committing your travel dollars. This will help you spend your budget more efficiently, bringing in only the top candidates.

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Onboard New Employees with Online Trainings

Our virtual training software makes educating your team easier. No matter where your team members are located – in the office or anywhere around the world – you can give them the resources and proper training they need to thrive with GlobalMeet by PGi.

  • Train up to 125 participants using our online meeting software
  • Easily share your screen and files like training documents
  • Engage your team with real-time chat, Q&A and polling
  • Effortlessly record video & audio content for continued virtual trainings
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Make an Impression

In this job market, there’s a lot of competition for top talent. PGi’s HR interviewing software has an innovative look and feel that will make your company stand out and leave a lasting impression on your candidates.

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